Tailor-made Association Management (AMC)

A changing membership world needs future perspectives

Within our key mission of Association Management, our service portfolio focuses on national and international medical societies as well as other non-profit associations within the field of health, sustainability, social developments and trade.The service of AMACI is dedicated to foster the vision and goals of your association – aiming for and building on a thorough understanding of the history, recent developments, current policies and future strategies. Non-profit associations thrive on strong and reliable relationships and committed people are fundamental for success.

In this awareness, AMACI provides an individualized approach for each society – addressing different ideas, needs and goals in a tailor-made and professional way. With more than ten years’ of experience in providing the following association/user group management and support, AMACI is looking forward to welcoming your association and providing a service-oriented and stimulating home.

Make sure to find your personalized support in saving time and cost – make sure to consider AMACI –either for overarching association management or selected services:

Finance and Administration Management
Membership Administration
Executive Leadership
Strategic Development
Meetings Organization
Management of administrative offices and secretariats
Starting an Association