Congress Organization (PCO)

Professional Congress Organization: individual & one stop shopping

We have decades of experience in congress, conference and event management and offer professional service with planning, organization and implementation of:

  • congresses, meetings and symposia with industrial exhibitions
  • workshops
  • customer events
  • other events
    Our work for your successful conference, congress, etc includes:

    • planning and selection of suitable meeting/event places and premises
    • preparation of programmes
    • event techniques
    • negotiations with artists’, agencies and/or tourist associations and hotels (DMC)
    • PR
    • sponsoring & exhibition management
    • promotional arrangements
    • budget management
    • national & international CME- accreditation
    • organization of industry exhibition
    • registration organization & personnel support therefore
    • translation support
    • A/V organization
    • on-site meetings management
    • evaluation of customer satisfaction & final review

      AMACI works on individual, tailored solutions for various budgets, events and workshops. We draw on reliable partners from IT and event techniques, on tourist associations, artists’ agencies and creative studios.

      Sponsoring & Exhibition

      Your congress budget in good hands

      For Organisations who are not able to engage AMACI for the whole package of Association & Conference Management we offer to handle your sponsorship acquisition including exhibition planning.
      Upon request, we will draft individual acquisition concepts for your event.The tools we work with are a wide range of know-how, investigation, a huge database and professional sales conversations and finally the floorplan and on-site exhibition organisation.

      Naturally compliance and similar topics will be observed carefully in every case.


      AMACI is also happy to support you in the management of your association/organization and offers you an overall package – AMACI “One stop shopping”.